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Biancolilla IGP Sicilia 0,50 Lt

12 Bottles

The Biancolilla is a Sicilian cultivar, one of the oldest in use, whose olive trees are two to three meters high, always green and very long-living. The name derives from the colour of the "white" and "lilac" ripening drupes, the olive is oval and has a pistachio green color before ripening and purple rose when ripe.

Organoleptic characteristics: medium-intense fruity flavor, herbaceous, with hints of tomato, artichoke and almond. To the taste notes of spicy and bitter of medium intensity. Yellow in colour with green reflections and medium fluidity.

Recommended combinations: with soups, toasted bread, roasts, cheeses, grilled meats, vegetable dishes, salads and fish dishes, whose flavours are naturally complimented with the refined taste of this quality oil.

Abbinamenti consigliati
  • zuppe
  • pane
  • maggi
  • carni
  • fish
  • Zuppe
  • |
  • Pane
  • |
  • Formaggi
  • |
  • Carni alla
  • |
  • Pesci

  • Biancolilla IGP Sicilia  0,50 Lt
  • 99.00€



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