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La Nuova Goccia (The New Drop), is oil made with the first olives of the new harvest, immediately crushed and bottled to retain its precious oils and its lively fragrance, Unfiltered and not decanted in order to preserve natural antioxidants. Its colour is green, the scent should be intense and strong with notes of fresh grass, while its flavour is full-bodied. La Nuova Goccia oil, fresh from the mill, is ideal to satisfy the most demanding palates, perfect for lovers of an extra virgin olive oil with a full-bodied appearance and a strong and intense taste.

Organoleptic characteristics: yellow with green highlights, it has an intense scent of freshly cutgrass and green tomatoes. On the palate it is soft and full-bodied, maintain gall the characteristics of freshly picked olives.

Recommended combinations: use raw on bread, to season a seasoned cheese, on red meats and game.

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  • The New Drop 0,75 Lt
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The New Drop 3 LT

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