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Fruity 3 LT

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The Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oils the result of the selecting only the highest quality olives, harvested when they are not yet fully ripe and pressed at the beginning of autumn. It has fruity and spicy notes of the Southern lands. This oil is appreciated in particular by those palates that prefer stronger flavors.

Organoleptic characteristics: yellow with green highlights, it has an intense scent of freshly cutgrass. On the palate it has a particular bitter /spicy taste, perfectly balanced with hints of apple, almond and artichoke.

Recommended pairings: use raw on bread, on peppers and freshly grilled courgettes, on sliced ​​beef, to season a seasoned cheese, on toasted anchovies, on grilled meat and in particular for every recipe inspired by Mediterranean cuisine.

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  • Fruity 3 LT
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