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The Arena Estate expresses the sensitivity and enthusiasm of a new generation, that continues the family tradition started in 1966. Forever distinguished by their passion in the cultivation of olive trees and for the love of flavours from the past, that in autumn each year is renewed through the magic of the oil.

Over the decades the Arena family has increasing ly trusted in olive trees, enlarging the size of their company from year to year. The company, located in the hills of Piazza Armerina, a city found in the center of Sicily in the province of Enna, has been historically linked to agriculture since Roman times. We currently cultivate about forty hectares of olive groves, always respecting the criteria of modern and rational olive oil production: using a six by four meters drip irrigation system, for strictly organic cultivation. It is in this way that for over 50 years the Arena Family has nurtured the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ensuring complete traceability, from the raw material to the finished product, strictly at 0 Km.

The variety of olive trees (Biancolilla and Nocellara) are typical to the area cultivated and harvested by hand in the presence of an agronomist, who follow seach stage of cultivation of the olive tree, guaranteeing quality and genuineness of our product.

We achieve the highest possible quality thanks to respect and strict discipline that regulate sall stages of production. The philosophy has always been to produce an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, not only of excellent quality, but with a uniqueness that only this hilly territory it can offer. The mild climate gives the oil its strength and vigor that only the land of Sicily can give. At the end of each harvest day, in less than 12 hours the olives are transported to the mill. The mill operates both day and night in order to allow the processing of the olives in the minimum time possible. It is the most delicate and exciting moment when the fruit is transformed in to oil. Olives are ground in cold extraction and the oil is transported in special tanks to the storage area where it is checked, graded and stored. During the storage period, we periodically subject the oil to chemical and organoleptic analysis to verify that no alterations or oxidation problems have occured. Finally oil samples are sent to the competent authorities to certify the final quality of the product. The extra virgin olive oil, after a natural decanting, is bottled and packaged with out being filtered so as not to depriveit of the naturalness and richness of aromas and flavors, maintaining its organoleptic properties. It is now ready to be shipped and served at dinner tables both in Italy and abroad. Our oil has a very low percentage of acidity, so it is also suitable for consumption by children. Respecting food regulations we use an anti-plug cap that guarantees the quality and authenticity of our product, dark bottles in order to better protect the oil from light and stain-resistant labels to ensure the elegance and aesthetics of our bottle.

L’olio viene

The oil is cold-pressed, unfiltered to maintain its organoleptic characteristics unaltered.

We respect the territory following the rules of eco-friendly olive growing to leave it intact to future generations, this is why we are sure to offer a unique and excellent quality extra-virgin olive oil.


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