The Mediterranean


The Mediterranean diet is a nutritional model inspired by the culinary traditions of the countries bordering the Mediterranean basin.

Proper nutrition, in the broader context of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, is the basis of the prevention of a large number of diseases, which, unfortunately, are now very common in our society. The adoption of lifestyles and dietary patterns of increasing distance from our traditions, in fact, has gradually forced our country to cope with the spread of those same "diseases of affluence" (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc..) that once seemed only to concern the peoples of Northern Europe and North America.

No food except breast milk in the first months of life contains all the principle nutrients that the body needs, therefore, to follow a healthy and balanced diet, culinary choice must be as varied as possible. A dietary pattern that can help to obtain a complete and balanced supply of nutrients is undoubtedly represented by the "Mediterranean diet".

This type of diet predominately contains foods of plant origin, such as cereal and dairy products, fruit, vegetables, vegetable oil and extra virgin olive oil, with less emphasis on the consumption of foods of animal origin. One of the the most important constituents of these foods is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, whose fats have a beneficial effect on the organism by minimising cardiovascular risk. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the only fatty food that is derived from fruit, and this gives it special health dietary properties:

Dieta Mediterranea

- it is easy to digest;

  • - inhibits gastric acid secretion;
  • - promotes the absorption of calcium and the growth of long bones;
  • - stimulates the secretion of the pancreas.

Finally, compounds called polyphenols, which are found in olive oil, have strong anti-oxidant qualities, namely, they contrast oxidative stress in the human body caused by free radicals, which promote aging and disease.

This means in practice that Extra Virgin Olive Oil acts as an anti-inflammatory and prevents cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis.


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